company background

Our history  starts when we were still the Dairy Marketing Board (DMB) which was state owned parastatal. A brief summary is as given below.

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  • 2016

    Dairibord holdings re-organises

    Martindale (Private) Limited and NFB Logistics (Private) Limited, which were 100% subsidiaries of Dairibord Holdings Limited until 31 December 2015, were decorporatised and their operations were transferred to Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited under the reorganisation.

  • 2006

    The birth of Dairibord Holdings

    The company transformed into a holding company with four subsidiaries - Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, Lyons, Dairibord Malawi (Private) Limited and NFB Logistics (Private) Limited.. The name of the holding company changed to Dairibord Holdings Limited (DHL) from Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited (DZL).

  • 2001

    DZL acquires Lyons

    In June 2001, DZL acquired 100% ownership of Lyons Zimbabwe business and forms a transport and Logistics company - NFB Logistics in 2003.

  • 1997

    Dairibord Listed on ZSE

    Dairibord became the first state- owned company in Zimbabwe to privatize, and listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange the same year.

  • 1994

    DZL is Born

    The name of the company changed to Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited (DZL) from Dairy Marketing Board and the company was incorporated.

  • 1990

    Bulawayo Dairy Commissioned

    Bulawayo Dairy Commissioned.

  • 1983

    Chipinge Dairy Commissioning

    Chipinge Dairy Constructed

  • 1962

    New Dairy Commissioned in Kadoma

    New Dairy Commissioned in Kadoma.

  • 1960

    New Dairy Commissioned in Harare

    New Dairy Commissioned in Harare.

  • 1952

    Dairy Marketing Board established

    Dairy Marketing Board established under the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1951.


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