Dairibord Malawi (Private) Limited (DML) is a market leader in the dairy, foods and beverages industry in Malawi. DML was formed in January 1998 as a result of a joint venture between Dairibord Holdings and the Malawi Government.
The joint venture was a fine example of regional investment and co-operation between Dairibord Holdings and the Government of Malawi. Dairibord Holdings purchased 60% equity into the Blantyre operations of the former state owned Malawi Dairy Industries at privatisation. The Government of Malawi retained 40% shareholding in the new company. Dairibord Malawi is indeed an example of successful smart partnership as the company was transformed from its loss making status to a profitable venture in less than a year. Before the purchase by Dairibord Holdings, the company was one of the state owned companies then known as Milk Marketing before it came to be known as Malawi Dairy Industries (MDI). DML has one plant in Chichiri, Blantyre and a distribution depot in Lilongwe.

Since its operations commenced DML has managed to tremendously transform the loss making Malawi Dairy Industries into a multi-million dollar profit making company, Dairibord Malawi Limited, with strong growth in profitability, Return on Investment,(ROI) and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE). This has been supported by the growing work force currently over 160 people most of whom are Malawian. The company boasts of strong brands and a growing base of highly skilled manpower as a result of a deliberate manpower development programme.

Dairibord Malawi Limited’s operations are now IS0 9001:2000 certified for the customers’ benefit. This Quality Management System is the means by which DML will continue exercising full control over all the activities which affect the achievement of quality and thus customer satisfaction.

In 2006, Dairibord Malawi Limited acquired Mulanje Peak Foods, a canning business located in the Mulanje District of Malawi.

Dairibord manufacturers and markets a wide range of dairy products that can be broadly classified into liquid milks; foods and beverages.

The key brands are as follows:

Brand Category
Key Brands
Liquid Milks Dairibord Fresh Milk
Dairibord Chingombe UHT Long Life
Dairibord Chambiko Cultured Milk
Dairibord Fresh Cream
Foods Dairibord Flavoured Yoghurts
Dairibord Fat Free Yoghurts
Dairibord Natural Yoghurts
Mudi Cheese
Dairibord Ice Creams (Bulk)
Dairibord Ice Cream (ice lollies)
Dairibord Butter
Dairibord Ghee
Beverages Dairibord Fruit Juices
Family Choice Cordials
Dairibord Aquamadzi Mineral Water




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