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Q. What products does DZPL manufacture and market?

A. The product range for Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is categorized into three segments, namely, Liquid Milks, Foods and Beverages. Under Liquid Milks DZPL manufactures short and long life liquid milk, cultured milk and fresh cream. Under the Foods category are flavoured and real fruit yoghurts, ice cream sticks and bulk ice creams, powdered milk, cheese, butter and ice cream cone shells. The beverages category comprises of nutritious dairy beverages, juices and mineral water.

Q. Where do you find the DZPL Head office?

A. DZPL is headquartered in Zimbabwe's capital city, Harare.

Physical Address: 1225 Rekayi Tangwena Avenue, Belvedere, Harare

Postal Address: P O Box 2512, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Contact Telephone +263 4 793761/9 Fax. +263 4 708182

DZPL also has dairies in the following locations throughout Zimbabwe:


1225 Rekayi Tangwena Avenue,
Hre. Tel: +263 - 4 - 793761/9; 726701-8


Bulawayo Dairy
6 Kelvin West
Tel: +263 - 9 - 410311/5 -Direct 416316


Gweru Dairy
Main Street

Tel: +263 - 54 - 24716 / 21881


Mutare Dairy
29 Simon Mazorodze Road

Tel: +263 - 20 - 64622 / 64658


Exports Manager
1225 Rekayi Tangwena Avenue,
Harare. Tel: +263 - 4 - 793761/9; 726701-8

Q. When are the Sales Shops at DZPL Dairies open for business?

Monday – Friday between 0800hrs - 1700hrs

Saturday: 0800hrs - 1200hrs

Sunday: 0800hrs - 1200hrs

Q. What mode of payment is acceptable when doing business with DZPL?

Local transactions

  • Cash
  • Cheques (need clearance from DZPL before goods are delivered)
  • Electronic transfers

Export transactions

  • Cash
  • Bank drafts
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • American Express TCs

Q. What is pasteurization?

A.It is a heat treatment process that eliminates
pathogenic/harmful bacteria. All DZPL products undergo this process.

Q. What is homogenization?

A. The process of making the milk consistent in Quality.

Q. What is ISO 22000:2005?

A. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO 22000:2005 is a combination of ISO 9001:2000 and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). HACCP is a food safety standard that operates on a framework of a structured management system that is incorporated into the overall management activities of the organization. ISO 22 000: 2005 is designed to allow all types of stakeholders within the food chain to implement a food safety management system.

Q. What is the difference between Dairibord Chimombe and pasteurised milk?

A. Both types are produced with milk bearing the same chemical and microbial composition. Both are pasteurised at the same temperature, but Chimombe undergoes further heat treatment (UHT) to sterilise it and is aseptically packed. Dairibord Chimombe's packaging material is a special type with 3 different layers each playing important role to maintain sterility, unlike the single layered fresh pasteurised packaging. The ultra heat treatment does not distort the nutritional value, but slightly denatures the protein molecules which when aged tend have the rich cooked flavour of Dairibord Chimombe.

Q. What is yoghurt?

A. Yoghurt, unlike pudding is a culture milk product, which contains live bacterial culture. Can be flavoured or packed without flavours in the case of plain yoghurt.

Q. What is Dairibord Aqualite mineral water? Is it municipal water?

A. Dairibord Aqualite water is underground water that goes through series of filtration to remove inorganic, organic substance and microorganisms. The water is sterilized before packaging.

Q. What is the difference between Dairibord Butter and margarine?

A. Dairibord butter is produced from milk butterfat, whereas margarine is produced by hydrogenation of liquid vegetable oil to solidify it.

Q. When you are not satisfied with a DZPL product what course of action should you take?

A. Keep the product in question and contact DZPL customer care on +263 4 793761-9 between Mondays and Fridays.

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