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About Us

Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (DZPL) is owned 100% by Lavenson Investments (Private) Limited which is 100% owned by Dairibord Holdings Limited. Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is the flagship subsidiary of Dairibord Holdings Limited.

The history of the company starts when it was still the Dairy Marketing Board (DMB), a parastatal. In July 1994, following the change in the legal status of the company from a parastatal to a commercial company under the government's Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP), the name of the company changed to Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited (DZL) and the company was incorporated.


In July 1997, Dairibord became the first state- owned company in Zimbabwe to privatise, and listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange the same year.

In 2006, the company transformed into a holding company with four subsidiaries - Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, Lyons, Dairibord Malawi (Private) Limited and NFB Logistics (Private) Limited.. The name of the holding company changed to Dairibord Holdings Limited.
Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is the subsidiary that manufactures and markets liquid milk, food and beverage products.

DZPL is one of the largest manufacturing and marketing companies in Zimbabwe with seven factories located in Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kadoma, Mutare and Chipinge.

The DZPL product portfolio is as follows:

Brand Category
Key Brands
Liquid Milk
Dairibord Fresh Milk
Dairibord Lacto Cultured Milk
Dairibord Chimombe UHT Long Life
Dairibord Steri Milk
Dairibord Supermilk Long Life Milk
Dairibord Fresh Cream
Foods Dairibord Yu-mmy Flavoured Yoghurts
Dairibord Froot Scoop Fruit Yoghurts
Dairibord Fat Free Yoghurts
Dairibord Natural Yoghurts
Dairibord Cheese
Dairibord Ice Creams (Bulk)
Dairibord Ice Cream (milk based sticks and ice lollies)

Beverages Dairibord Fun n' Fresh Juice
Dairibord Natural Joy Juice
Dairibord Aqualite Mineral Water
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