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About Us

Lyons is a subsidiary of Dairibord Holdings Limited, having been acquired in 2001. Dairibord Holdings has a 100% ownership in Martindale Trading (Private) Limited t/a Lyons. Lyons manufacturers and markets of nutritious food and beverage brands for the Zimbabwean market as well s for the export markets.

Lyons is located at 198 Simon Mazorodze Road, Harare, Zimbabwe. Lyons is ISO9001:2000 certified.

The Lyons food and beverage brand portfolio is as follows:

Brand Category

Key Brands
Beverages Cordials
Quench Cordials and Syrups
Xtra Value Cordials

Ready To Drink (RTDs)
Cascade Dairy Fruit Mix

Teas & Coffees
Quick Brew Tea Bags
Lyons Drinking Chocolate
Foods Condiments & Sauces
Rabroy Tomato Sauce
Rabroy Salad Cream
Rabroy Mayonnaise
Lyons Peanut Butter

Icecreams Lyons Maid Bulk Ice Creams
Lyons Maid Ice Cream Stick Lines
Quench Lolly Ice Cream Stick Lines
Lyons Maid Ice Cream Cups


History of Lyons

J.Lyons, the company after which Lyons is named was founded in London, England, in the year 1894.

Later that year the company opened the first of its famous teashops in London and soon there were hundreds of Lyons teashops and the larger Lyons Corner Houses, all over Britain.

Every Corner House consisted of up to nine restaurants on four or five floors, each with its own band or musical ensemble, and provided an astonishing variety of settings and menus, as well as sizeable front shops selling confectionery, cakes, teas and coffees.

The food products for sale were of course manufactured by the parent company, J.Lyons.
In 1950 the parent company registered a wholly owned subsidiary in then Southern Rhodesia at the same premises on Simon Mazorodze Road in Harare that Lyons occupies today.

Three years later another British company, Brooke Bond Limited, registered their wholly owned subsidiary only 800 meters away on Hobbs Road, today the home of Lyons Maid Ice Cream vending operations.

Both companies initially concentrated on tea packaging. In October 1963, it was decided to merge them in face of the economic and political uncertainties caused by breakup of the Central African Federation.

Lyons Brooke Bond was then born, manufacturing a very large range of foodstuffs and that was the name of the company until August 1995 when Brooke Bond, the minority shareholder, sold out to the majority shareholder, J.Lyons. By that time J.Lyons itself was part of Allied Domnecq plc, which has since sold off all the Lyons food interests.

In April 2001, Lyons Zimbabwe was acquired by Dairibord Holdings Limited and the name changed to just Lyons.

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